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* The advisor fee is annually, based upon the value of all assets in the Account (including cash holdings), for the investment advisory services of the LPL Financial Advisor. The fee is negotiable and is shared between LPL Financial and the Financial Advisor.

Other fees from LPL Financial may also apply. Program fees do not apply to non-Model Wealth Portfolios. Updated as of 8-2-2022.

  • Fee Structure
  • The LPL Financial practice of David E. Scott, CFP ® & Nicholas J. Kibble, AAMS ®, CPFA ® preferred fee structure is to charge a quarterly advisory fee on the balance of your account(s). Advisory fees collected through LPL Financial will be determined on a per account basis, and this write up does not modify or amend those agreements. There are many factors that can influence the advisor fee that we charge such as the total amount of assets involved, the number of investment strategies utilized, the investment vehicles used, and other individual requirements. We believe that the advisory relationship works better if our compensation is asset-based instead of commission-based. This approach more closely aligns our client’s goals with our advisors. As our client’s assets grow our income grows and the reverse also holds true. When investments are bought and sold in a commission-based arrangement there is a charge to the client and a commission paid to the broker. Although a commission-based structure may be appropriate in some situations, one may always question whether transactions benefit the client or the broker. If a brokerage account with a commission-based structure is utilized in certain situations the fees of the various investments will be discussed in detail at the time the dollars are invested. Investment direction and objectives can change; the manager can change, performance can change, our client’s needs can change, and better alternatives can appear. A fee-based relationship allows us to remain flexible without commissions (fee-based accounts may be subject to nominal transaction costs).

    In the case of insurance products, advisors are paid by commission from the insurance company. Where possible, our advisors take a “level” commission; this means we are paid on an on-going basis to provide service for the life of the product, rather than receive a large commission up-front
  • Investment Approach
  • The world of investing is not what it was 40, 20, or even 10 years ago. Systems have become more complex and the needs of clients have grown. In order to account for this added complexity, our approach to money management involves a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and goals. Once the reasons for making an investment are understood and clarified, a recommendation is made based on a client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals, taking into account income needs and tax situations. Our approach to portfolio recommendations often involves using multiple philosophies within the world of investment theory. The prominent philosophy within the financial industry is one of “buy-and-hold” (also known simply as “strategic” investing). While this may be an appropriate strategy for some clients, we don’t believe that this is the only appropriate strategy. Where suitable, we encourage clients to adopt traditional and non-traditional philosophies of investment management within their overall portfolio. It must be noted that no strategy or philosophy can be guaranteed to protect against market losses.
  • Portfolio Expenses
  • There are no upfront or deferred sales charges on advisory accounts.
  • Other Costs
  • There may be other nominal costs involved depending upon the type of account and the needs of the client (e.g. non-sufficient funds fee, Roth IRA conversion fee, yearly maintenance fee, etc.) Expense ratios also apply which is the annual fee that all funds or ETFs charge their shareholders.
  • Hourly Consulting Services
  • Prospective clients may not be able to meet the minimum investable amount requirements, typically $50,000, for our advisory accounts but still wish to receive investment analysis and advice. For those individuals we offer an hourly consulting option, billed in quarter hour increments at $200.00 per hour, for services including but not limited to: investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow/budget planning, business planning, education planning and personal financial planning. The consulting services may not include ongoing asset management or assistance with execution of securities transactions. Clients may or may not receive a written analysis or report from LPL Financial an Investment Advisor Representative.